Interactive Fiction Games

Welcome to my growing collection of interactive fiction games. Some are in development, some are finished, and all can be played here!

Take a look below and see if there's something that looks fun to you.

Getting To Work And Other Bullshit

Every day, you've got to get to work by walking up the sidewalk. Sure, it's some bullshit, not having a car and having to deal with rain, snow, orcs, and giant bees.... wait. Orcs? Giant bees? You're just trying to get to work here! (Incomplete/Testing)

An Orc is blocking the sidewalk. He stands about ten feet tall and glares down at you with beady little eyes that speak volumes of never having had a friend. His porcine, lopsided face is twisted into a sneer. It is clear he has every intention of stopping you from getting to work.

Please help me

Help the person on the other end of the machine get free.

You find a small black box with a keyboard and a little screen buzzing and flashing at you. When you pick it up, you see the numbers "1979" scratched into the black plastic. You also see a message printed out on its screen:

Hello? Is there anyone on the other end of this?

Punch The Nazi

You are presented with a Nazi. It's time to do some clobbering.

You exist here, a human being in the world.

Some pasty moron with a swastika on his shoulder swaggers about.

Look at that dumbass Nazi standing there.

Do you punch him?

Wake Up

You are awake and alone. Unable to move. Unable to fight against the thing slowly rising from within you. Is there any part of you that can resist? Any part that you can still move? (Based on a true event in my life when I was fourteen)

* An EctoComp2018 Game