Help Save My Family Home - Get A T-Shirt Or Book

The Wakeshma Township Board (who all have blight issues on their own properties) seem to be going after my parents and trying to steal their property. Even though the treasurer lives in an old school/church with a bell tower that’s about to fall off (or into) the house and crumbling front steps, the supervisor has a barn about ready to tip over, etc - they continue to harass my parents. Ignoring the crumbling bricks on the Fire Department and the other issues with the combination Fire Department / Township Hall.

I intend to take any money earned from Zazzle (t-shirts etc) and use it to help clean up, repair, etc my parents’ property. I’ll also be using it to fight against their unjust persecution by the Township Board.

Any money I earn selling my book(s) will also be used for this.

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Any purchase or donation of any amount can help, and any help (even physical labor) is appreciated. Your purchase is going to save my family from losing everything.

Also, any purchase you make from Amazon via this link will help me help my family.