She looked up at me, waved the blue and orange book around and said, “Book! Book!”

My sister and her daughter, my niece, were visiting the other day. My niece is about one year old, with cute chubby cheeks, and a quirky attitude. 

I was working on my Japanese language study when she wandered into my room carrying "Never Alone & The First Lightning Bug" (the children’s book I had recently published and had given copies of to my nieces and nephews for Christmas). She looked up at me, waved the blue and orange book around and said, “Book! Book!” which is her way of asking me to read to her. So of course I stopped my studies, pulled her up on to my lap, and read my stories to her. My sister says that she does this at home all the time too, which makes me super happy. I take it as a sign that I’ve crafted something children love.

I’ve set the price of “Never Alone & The First Lightning Bug” to just $0.99 for the Amazon Kindle version, because I believe that once you have read it to your children they’ll ask for it again and again, after all my nieces and nephews sure do. The printed and bound “real book” version is $7.99, because printing and binding is an expensive process, but you just might decide you want that printed version so your child can read these stories to your grandchildren some day.

The minimalistic illustrations, while great for children, are sometimes met with less than the greatest enthusiasm by adults. That’s okay, I wrote and illustrated these stories for children. I’m the second oldest of seven children, my first jobs were babysitting my cousins and the kids down the street- I know what children like to read. I’ve been reading stories to and making up stories to tell children for most of my life. Kids in the one to five age range love minimalistic and uncluttered illustrations, these are the types of books they would pick out and bring to me again and again.

Please check out the listing on Amazon by clicking here and if you’ve got a Kindle or Kindle ready device, it’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee to get a book that just may be your child’s new favorite. :)


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